Credit Repair Training Review

Posted on 14. Dec, 2015 by afanley in Reviews

Quick Facts

Product Name: Credit Repair Training
Standard Price: $199
Author: Brian Diez
Reviewer: Aaron
Review Updated: 20th Oct 2010
Bonus Offered: Yes

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You can buy Credit Repair Training directly from their web site by clicking here. Please be aware that the price listed above may have changed since publishing this review. Purchasing via this link will entitle you to the Credit Repair Training purchase bonus.

Publisher’s Description

A comprehensive guide teaching you how to greatly improve your credit

  • Week 14 – You’ll learn when and who you can sue for damages and what those damages look like. You may be entitled to some moneyright now.
  • Week 8 – You’ll have received your first round of updates by now, so we’ll analyze your results and compose your second dispute letter.
  • Week 18 – You’ll learn how to structure your finances in the event you end up getting a divorce. Do it my way to minimize the damage.
  • Week 15 – You’ll learn how to sue, where, and I’ll even provide some sample documents, plus a sneaky way to learn court procedures.
  • I learned how the CRA’s and the lenders protect one another and use high paid attorneys to twist the laws to suit their purpose.
  • Week 12 – You’ll discover how con artists try to steal your money using credit building scams you see on the internet every day.
  • How to settle unpaid collections for DELETION or pennies on the dollar. You have to do this right or they’ll trash your score.
  • What government program can reduce your payments to as little as $15 a month regardless of your credit score or income.
  • Their little known “Achilles’ heel” you can exploit to delete collections from your credit report forever.
  • Week 4 – You’ll learn why there are so many mistakes on your credit report, as well as how the credit system works.

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